Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica Rogan was a cocktail waitress before coming to the world of entertainment. Her husband is a popular comedian with an amazing sense of humor that compels people to laugh loudly. He is immensely loved by the people around the world. His famous shows are The Man Show and Fear Factor in which he covered a variety of social issues with a touch of fun. But the public wants to know his private life apart from his successful career as a comedian. There is a lot of question arise in the mind of people about his wife and children. Here we have dig out some important details and interesting facts about his wife. Read on!

Secret Private Life

While he has a successful career in the TV industry but it’s hard to find out about Joe’s wife and kids over the internet. The reason is that Rogan hasn’t opened up on media about his personal life. He never likes to discuss his private life on screen especially about his better-half Jessica Rogan and his daughters. None of his fans knew about his girlfriend Jessica before the couple tied the knot. This nature of Joe stopped him from making the relationship public. Even the couple didn’t reveal the names of their kids in public. But a lot of people create fake twitter accounts that have become the cause of propaganda. The reason is that these accounts associated the name of a famous comedian with other actresses. Some people also tried to run a fake account of Joe Rogan’s Wife Jessica on Twitter. But the duo has cleared the mist of ambiguity that they both haven’t ant Facebook or twitter official account.

Jessica Rogan produces her husband show:

Jessica got the opportunity in the media industry through the influence of her father who was also a famous comedian. She debuted in the world of entertainment with the working in the production team of “the Simpson” TV show. She also worked in Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed and Hollywood as an assistant producer. However, she worked behind the screen but she got success like her husband for what she had done. She also produces the shows off her husband, Joe Rogan.

Jessica Rogan’s Net Worth and salary

Although Joe’s wife is working as an assistant producer in TV, her estimated salary or net worth is not known. She is working in TV shows that prove that she is earning too much. Her husband Joe Rogan’s net worth is made public yet and it is said that his net worth is $25 million. Now you can make an estimation of how much Joe’s wife worth of.


It’s been 9 years once they both tie the knot and we have never heard any speculations from both sides. Their couple is considered as a loyal and happily married couple and they are raising their kids together. The good thing that her fans want to listen that there are no extramarital affairs; divorce rumors and any controversy are reported in their relationship despite Jessica had a love affair with a Canadian guy that ended with the breakup and one kid.


However, Joe Rogan’s wife and Joe don’t like to make their relationship public but their fans eagerly wanted to know the current status of their relationship and their kids.