The measurable period in which any action, process, condition or task exists or continues constitutes a duration known as time. Similarly, any fixed or appointed moment or period for something to happen, begin or end is also called as time. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events appearing in irreversible succession from past to present and then to the future. Time is often considered as fourth dimension as well. Time has always been important in all the spheres of life but some diverse fields like business, industry, sports and sciences etc. it has a unique role.


We have always heard that time and tide wait for none, so it is obvious to save and conserve it before it’s too late. Number of trivial and padding things can be done to save time. If you just focus on what you must do and the amount of time you have to perform and achieve it, you can calculate your saving power and do well. Pre planning your task and forecasting it well can bring you a manageable task, saved time and competency in the target. When you work on time punctuality becomes your habit. It brings you flying success as well as relaxed nerves. When you save time, you are stress free and when there is no stress there is more competency in the work.


Having a regular and proper place for your possessions and putting them back in place when you are done with them can save much of your time. Avoiding multitasking can save time too. Relearning to focus is important in saving time. Make your own calendars and do everything accordingly. Never procrastinate. Planning your trips and consolidating your chores can save much of your time. Planning meals ahead of time and preparing bulks can save time as well. Observing the actual time-wasters and eliminating them can conserve lot of time. Working anywhere you can regardless of what people think and say can save your time. Maximizing your sleep quality not quantity can save time too. Deleting or lessening up social media profiles can save lot of time. Avoid spending so much time in games and leisure activities. Using a traffic app can save time too. Stay organized in everything you do. Eliminating the unnecessary from your routine. Pre planning your goals and targets before you start to work on them. Reducing interruptions can save time as well.


  • Making and using lists and catalogues
  • Tickling the memory
  • Minimizing the meetings
  • Blocking up your time
  • Profiting from “odd lot” time

No man, system or discipline in the world can deny the importance of making lists and catalogues. Not everything can be carried in the head all the time everywhere. The most highlighted features of a solid list can include; MY SCHEDULE, THINGS-TO-DO LIST, PEOPLE-TO-CALL LIST, CONFERENCE PLANNER and that’s it. This can reflect you all the tasks you already planned.

Everyone today is aware of the computer systems, iPad and such sort of storing and keeping data in files and folders but keeping files manually is quite tough. Tickling the memory with tickler files is an effective technique to save time.

Minimizing the meeting and avoiding gatherings is very important to save your personal time. This is because when you spend so much time in getting ready, going out and sometimes hanging and strolling or eating, this can detract you from your focus or actual target. Very few times are there when meetings are necessary, so they should be minimized in order to save time.

Blocking your time for important gives you space for your high-valued functions. This also prevents the demands of others to move you from your best-value activities. When you categorize and prioritize your tasks from number one to number ten on your list, you are surely going to save a lot of your time.

Today things have gone so much in range and portable that people spend no time free in waiting for a train, bus or plane. Some people prefer to spend their odd-lot time in returning calls, texts or emails but this is not good too. It might bring you an important task done in a hurry or unimportantly. Following randomness can lose your ability of organization. If you use your odd-lot time with discipline, you can find a better edge than many others who keep saying, “It’s only 10 minutes.” When you say this, you have missed the entire point of time. Beware to save it.


Keeping these five techniques in mind and trying to work according to them might take you from poor to average and from average to best performance ever!