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80s Forever Design Bundle

80s Forever Design Bundle

80s Forever Design Bundle is Here! Grab it Now only at Retro Mart!

Bundle Contains:
• 20 Awesome Vintage 1980s Fonts
• Over 12 Retro 80s Vector Patterns
• 25 Totally Radical Backgrounds

NES Classic just made a resurgence last year and that can only mean one thing. The golden age of video games 80s are making a major comeback. I mean maybe we've already been living it with the popularity of blockbuster video games such as Minecraft, Flappy Bird and Crossy Road.

As a way to celebrate this trend we at Retro Mart decided to scour the recesses of the internet to compile this exclusive bundle of super 8-bit fonts, artwork and 80s design resources. We had a blast soaking up all the memorable pop culture during this process and we wanted you to have a ton of great fonts, vector art, and patterns to help you achieve that one of a kind 80s flavor.

Totally Tubular 1980s Fonts!

Arcade Classic Font

Arcade & Arcade Classic by Pizzadude will make your video game dreams come true with their authentic look.

Chava Font

Chava by Denis Bunin is a free pixel typeface in all capital letters for Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew. Great for web, posters, books and other stuff.

Zig Font

Ooof! It's Zig by Tepid Monkey Fonts sure to clean your clock like a giant pterodactyl stealing an eggplant.

SF Alien Encounters Font

No one can here you scream, SF Alien Encounters a family of 4 Sci-Fi 80s fonts when you're the Equalizer or the Blade Runner.

Press Start 2P Font

Press Start 2P is a bitmap font based on the font design from 1980s Namco arcade games.

Manaspace Font

Manaspace is, of course, the font from Squaresoft's classic Super Nintendo RPG Secret of Mana.

Karmatic Arcade Font

Karmatic Arcade 3D 8-bit font will take your designs to the next dimension with its bold outline.

Irresistor Font

Irresistor font by Parallax has that classic digital bitmap look when you need a wider eletronic look.

Iominoid Font

Iomanoid by Typodermic Fonts is a video game inspired, mid-1980s techno font. Use as regular or stack the front and back shine layers.

Radical 1980s Patterns & Backgrounds!

Nothing says 1982 like glowing geometric dimensional grids, laser beams, chunky colorful classic video game art and the ever popular Memphis style that you likely would've seen prominently in Nickelodeon Double Dare or Saved by the Bell opening credits! With it's bold, poppy color and geometric squiggles, these sweet vector patterns and backgrounds will make all your designs totally gnarly! 1980s Grid Background


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