Social media has been the most talked about form of media in 2018. It has always grabbed the attention of almost every age group but especially teenagers. Many businesses depend on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Following are some ways in which Facebook and Twitter changed drastically in 2018:

1.Facebook announced its initiative of bringing friends and family closer

Mark Zuckerberg tweeted, in which he explained his concept of his changes to Facebook. He said that he thinks that bringing family and friends closer can have an incredible effect on its users. He explained his ideology further by proving it with a research that shows that strengthening relationships between friends and relatives improve well-being and happiness of an individual. He further stated that this can only be achieved if Facebook reduced the crowding of posts and ads of businesses, brands and media on your Newsfeed. And maximise the input of posts made by your close ones.

The company declared their initiative by saying that they will “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people… [and] posts from friends and family over public content.”

2.Social media examiner talks about removing Three Weekly shows from Facebook

Earlier last year, three weekly video shows airing on Facebook were cancelled by the Social Media Examiner. One of them was The Journey. Michael Stelzner joined Social Media Examiner to briefly explain why actually they had to remove those shows from Facebook. He gave logical reasoning by describing the behavioural attributes of Facebook users and their analytics.

3.Facebook includes more video ad purchasing possibilities

Facebook included two completely new ideas to purchase and deliver ad campaign videos on its wide-scale platform. Among them was, In-Stream Reserve, which will make it easier for advertisers to approach people watching videos from a compilation of “the most engaging, highest quality publishers and creators,” and ThruPlay, which “allows advertisers to optimize and pay only for ads that are watched to completion or for at least 15 seconds.”

4.Facebook users have changed their social media habits over the time period

According to the Pew Research Center survey, a lot of Facebook users have changed their perspective about Facebook. They have changed how they approach the site when it comes to upgrading security and privacy settings, which has also become a concern over the past few years.

5.Twitter Ban of the third-party apps

Twitter officially announced that it was shutting down third-party apps that “mimic the core Twitter experience.” Also, the company found out “technical and business constraints” and “operational necessity” were the cause behind this change. This decision was also encouraging Twitter users to go back to their owned and operated TweetDeck, Twitter when it comes to iOS apps, also desktop and mobile, so that their performance could be managed on the platform.

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Alright, so these were some ways in which social media marketing changed for Twitter and Facebook in the past year.