If you just started out on world’s biggest photo sharing app Instagram, you can imagine the importance of huge following when you get fewer likes on your post. All your effort met by nothing when you have just a handful of followers. How to Increase Instagram followers? Don’t fret anymore because here we will discuss some proven strategies that can help you to grow followers from zero to thousands in less time. This post will give you the ways of increasing post engagement that will lead to gain more real followers. But keep in mind that there is no alternative of creative and thoughtful images, regular posting, interesting and humorous videos that your followers love. Include the below tips in your Instagram growth strategy and use them liberally.

How to Increase Instagram followers?

Use as many tags per post as you can, or close to it:

Instagram allows to use 2 to 30 tags per post but 11 tags per post receive more engagement. But you can use too many tags in a single post.

Do not copy and paste the same tags to each post.

Try to use different tags for each post because your page can be categorized as spam.

Don’t use only wildly popular tags

Don’t use popular hashtags because they have higher competition such as #fashion or #beauty. Either way, use tags such as #fashiontrends #beautysecrets. In doing this, there are chances that more people will likely to see your post.

Include a caption with your post.

Include a thoughtful and amusing caption with you each post or include a quote with your picture because people love quotes that uplift their emotions. Also, include hashtags in the caption of your post. But the best way to add a tag in your post is that add them in the comment section.

Remember that consistency is key.

Consistency is the key to success on Instagram. Post more often in a day. Post three to four times a day for receiving better engagement. You should be reaching out those people who like your ideas and want to follow you on Instagram. You can also follow some people and like their posts. Use #follow4follow hashtag and people will likely to follow you. But if you want to be an influencer or authority then focus on getting more followers rather than follow others. Because if you are going to become an industry influencer, you should follow fewer people as it looks better to your potential audience.

Make sure your bio is complete

Your profile bio is the first thing that everyone reads when visiting your profile. Add relevant tags, keywords, and URL of your website’s landing page.

Really Engage:

Better engagement is one of the best organic ways to get the massive following in less time. Be human and interact with your followers. Reply to them on their comments and like their photos. Find new people who are relevant to your industry, follow them and leave thoughtful comments on their post.