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Installation FAQ

Every product comes with clear and easy to use instructions that explain how to download, install and use your new software. If you have any trouble getting your software working, drop us a line.

Need help installing new fonts? We've got some clear step-by-step instructions just below:

After you have purchased fonts from our site, a download link will be presented to you and all you need to do is click the appropriate link to download the fonts! If you don’t download them at the time of purchase, no worries, you’ll get an e-mail with download links just after you place your order!
Since all our font downloads contain multiple files, in order to offer our fine patrons a single file they can download, we had to ‘zip’ ’em up into a single file for easy use. That means you have to fully ‘un-zip’ the file you downloaded from us before you can access or install the fonts.

These zipped files end with the file extension .zip and can be easily unzipped as follows:

For Windows Users:
Simply right click on the .zip file and select the “Extract All” option, then tell Windows where you’d like the files saved to. Choose a location that is easy to access such as the Desktop. If you don’t see this option when you right-click on the .zip file, download and install jZIP for FREE then try again.

Keep in mind, you must fully unzip the file before you can install the fonts. Just double clicking the .zip file may reveal the contents of the .zip file, but if you attempt to install any fonts from that window, they will report an alert as being corrupt.

For Mac Users:
For most Mac users, your browser will automatically unzip the files you’ve downloaded. By default, these files should appear on the Desktop but sometimes will download directly into your Downloads folder depending on your browser settings and you may need to hunt them down locally after downloading them.

If they do not unzip and double clicking doesn’t seem to work, simply download a FREE copy of Stuffit Expander and either drag the .zipped file on to the Stuffit Expander icon on the Desktop or while holding down the control key, click on the .zip file and select the option: Open With > Stuffit Expander.

Once you’ve got your fonts unzipped and you’re ready to start using ’em, just follow the simple steps below but please keep a few things in mind first . . .

Which Font Format Should I Install?
Above all else, ONLY INSTALL ONE FONT FORMAT! You heard it here first gang . . . When you finally get the fonts downloaded and unzipped and are ready to go, you will notice there are multiple font files inside the folder you just unzipped unless you downloaded our free Silverware fonts which only include TrueType (.TTF) fonts.

99% of all users will be just fine installing ONLY the OpenType (.OTF) font files and we recommend installing only these. That said, if you’re working with an application that only uses TrueType fonts, then ONLY install TrueType (.TTF) fonts. BUT, only install one or the other, never both.

One other thing to keep in mind is that OpenType (.OTF) fonts contain lots of really cool features not available in standard font formats including alternate characters, automatic design features and more. HOWEVER, unless you’re using a program that can see these features, you likely will not be able to take advantage of this magical font format. All Adobe software products (CS and higher) and many newer graphic design programs can use these advanced features with more supported daily.

Got that all sorted out? Now let’s install the fonts already eh!

Windows Users
For Windows 7 and Newer:
Simply double click each font file you wish to install
Select the ‘Install’ option
Restart the computer

For Older Windows Versions:
Click the Start button, and then launch the Control Panel > Classic View > Fonts
Copy and paste each font into the Fonts folder
Restart the computer

Macintosh Users
For Macintosh OSX Users:
Double-click each font file
Select the ‘Install’ option
Restart all desktop applications you wish to use the font in

If installation was successful, your fonts should now be installed and will appear in the font menu of every application that uses a font menu. If you don’t see the font, it may be listed under a different name in the font menu so make sure you give it a good look over and if all else fails, submit an online support request.


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