The new IPhone model has been launched and it is a big hit leaving all the models behind it is based on high tech innovative technology. This enormous event was held in Californian Headquarters launching the most expensive and the biggest model of IPhone. The company introduced IPhone Xs and also the Max version with a screen bigger than that of the IPhone X which was introduced last year. All these announcements were not made in just one night rather it was as significant as the model launched in the year 2017. A lot of new features have been added in this awesome model including the faceID and the disappearance of the home button.

But at same time, company has launched a cheaper version for the people who want to have this but they can’t afford the high cost of Iphone Xs and that version is IPhone Xr which has almost the same features but some skimping regarding materials is present in the model to save costs. Big news at the event was the launch of Watch 4 range of apple with high technology and amazingly new features and capabilities. This version of IPhone may be too expensive for some of the customers but for the tech fans, this cost of $2369 of IPhone Xs Max, till it reaches Australia on September 21 was tough to look behind.

The people views on twitter about this big event and the launch of IPhone X max are remarkable. One of the technology lover twitted that his wallet is hunting in the search of IPhone X max. One of the twitter user twitted that he is going to stick on his IPhone 6 as the other updated models of IPhone are above $2000 which are above affordability. Another tweet was a user asking someone to buy him an IPhone and he stated that it makes complete sense to spend $2000 on such an amazing phone. One person twitted that he is going to stick with his IPhone X and he is happy with it.

There were mixed views and reviews about the new IPhone Xs and Max versions. There were some people who were not impressed by the new version and they really showed that they don’t care about those software features and hardware changes. The technology writer of New York Magazine stated that this year is boring especially in the regard of IPhone. One stated that this is like a blast and this launch was above and higher than the expectations. Well this event was inevitable and many of the tech fans are linking this new upgraded model of IPhone and there were some people too who didn’t bother and there could be many reasons behind that.

One of the twitter users twitted that the event was just underwhelming and they just announced about new IPhone and a watch and other things like IPad, Air Pods and etc were neglected in the event. There was also a tweet stating that IPhone events are underwhelming more and more each year.