Retro Mart

Copier Funk
by Lauri Johnston


Copier Funk - Retro Mart
Copier Funk - Retro Mart Copier Funk - Retro Mart Copier Funk - Retro Mart Copier Funk - Retro Mart Copier Funk - Retro Mart

Create a fully editable vector vintage look in seconds!

I love the worn out, rugged texture you can get from running artwork through an old photocopier. It instantly feels like something that's been around for a long time and can give your design a vintage look or just add character to a too-clean design. The trouble is, not everyone has access to an old copier, and for those who do, the process can take a while. Instead of printing, copying multiple times, scanning, editing and image tracing, try these Copier Funk graphic styles for Illustrator to get the texture you're looking for in seconds!
What’s included:
  • 16 Graphic Styles
  • Copier Funk Action
  • Live Trace preset (CS5.5) or Image Trace guide (CC)
  • Instructions PDF


Adobe CS5.5 or newer

I'm so excited to share these styles. They've been so useful in my design work and I can't wait to see what you guys do with them. If you'd like to share on twitter or instagram, please tag #copierfunk!

I've tested these styles in CS5.5, CS6 and CC. If you have any trouble, I want to help you figure it out. Send me a shout. Thanks!

Copier Funk
by Lauri Johnston


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Includes: 16 Graphic Styles, 1 Action, 1 Live Trace Preset

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