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Distress Ink
by FH&L Creative


Distress Ink - Retro Mart
Distress Ink - Retro Mart Distress Ink - Retro Mart Distress Ink - Retro Mart Distress Ink - Retro Mart Distress Ink Distress Ink Distress Ink - Retro Mart

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DistressInk will make turn your vector text [and/or objects] to old, worn and weathered in seconds!


What You'll Get:

  • 50 Total Graphic Styles ⇣
  • 10 Stamp Effect Graphic Styles
  • 5 Cable Noise Effect Graphic Styles
  • 3 Grain Effect Graphic Styles
  • 7 Grit Effect Graphic Styles
  • 5 Rough Effect Graphic Styles
  • 5 Mangled Effect Graphic Styles
  • 7 Sparce Grit Effect Graphic Styles
  • 8 Quick Distress Effect Graphic Styles
  • 16 Seamless Texture Swatches + High Resolutions TIFFS
  • 3 Actions to use post-styling

VIDEO: Getting Started with DistressInk: -- How to set up a document using DistressInk.

I used to have a process - one I thought was pretty good - where I would alternate back and forth from Illustrator to Photoshop and back to Illustrator again to get this worn, vintage look. The only problem was that it was a bit time consuming. Well, no need for that old way anymore! DistressInk changes the game. Stay in Illustrator the whole time, combining graphic styles and high resolution textures to create that same effect in a fraction the time!

NOTE: DistressInk was created using Adobe Illustrator CC. I don't know if it will work properly on older versions of Illustrator.

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Distress Ink
by FH&L Creative


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50 Graphic Styles, 16 Seamless Texture Swatches

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