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Gibbs - Retro Mart
Gibbs - Retro Mart Gibbs - Retro Mart Gibbs - Retro Mart Gibbs - Retro Mart Gibbs - Retro Mart Gibbs - Retro Mart
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Includes: Complete Family (12 OTF Font Files)

Gibbs is a tough, sophisticated sans, named for prolific maritime architect William Francis Gibbs and inspired by his greatest design, the record-breaking mid-century luxury liner SS United States. Taking various cues from the unique cast aluminum signs found on board, the result is truly transatlantic — somewhere in between industrial American vernacular lettering and the English humanist styles of Gill or Johnston. Both stylish and comfortable to read, and with an extensive list of OpenType features, Gibbs allows you to set quality type with ease at both text and display sizes.


Built in 1952, the beautiful United States was the most revolutionary ship in the world when new. After a flawless 17-year career, she now sits unused and is in danger of scrapping. Her current owner, the non-profit SS United States Conservancy, wishes to restore the ship as a vibrant waterfront development and museum for future generations to enjoy for decades to come.

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