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Rough It!
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Rough It! - Retro Mart
Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! Rough It! - Retro Mart Rough It! - Retro Mart

What is Rough It!?

Rough It is a set of 48 actions for Adobe Illustrator CS6 and CC. Use Rough It! on your favorite Fonts, Clip Art, Logos and Lettering. Rough It! retains your original shape but adds textured areas to certain parts. This creates a more realistic textured edge. There are 38 Rough It actions, 12 Fill actions, and 6 Stamp It! actions. Also included is: 2 Detailer, 2 Clean Up and Smoother actions.

A quick video that shows what Rough It is.


Created especially for:

Graphic Designers- Graphic Designers will benefit from the ease of use of Rough It's Actions. Complex rough edges can be effortlessly produced in record time. This offers the Graphic Designer a wide array of rough edge and fill effects for their logos and layouts.
Type Designers - Type Designers can use Rough It! to make distressed fonts from their new or existing typefaces. Everything is in vector.
Lettering Artists - Create realistic textures to your lettering.

Using Rough It! on Custom Hand Lettering and logos.

What is included in the package:

  • 37 Rough Edge Actions.
  • 12 Fill Textures that can be applied to your design.
  • 6 Stamp It! actions that mimic wood to rubber stamps.
  • Smoother, Detailer, Clean Up Actions.
  • Rough It Manual
  • Reference Guide

How to install Rough It

Tips and Trouble Shooting

While these actions are easy to use, I do recommend that the user is proficient in Illustrator.
Does not work in CS5 and below.

Images shown are not included in the package. They are for demonstration purposes only.

Be sure to check out our other set of Adobe Illustrator actions called Old Stock.


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