However, TikTok is new but it has a range of uses and benefits for business. It’s free, it’s hugely popular, and when used with other communications and marketing tools, you can add considerable reach and create a massive impact on your campaigns and promotions.

Here are our top ten tips for getting your video right

  1. Show your products in action and show people enjoying the benefits. This allows your customers to see and ‘test drive’ your products or services before they buy. And when they see others getting value for their purchase, they identify with these people and are likely to desire the same results.
  2. Sound quality can give life to any ordinary video; in the case of mobile videos, good quality sound is the matter of life and death. Use external microphones for recording sounds because onboard microphones can pick up unnecessary sounds that may ruin your video.
  3. TikTok lets you share video content on other social platforms. This means you can share your TikTok video with your Facebook and Twitter existing following.
  4. TikTok lets you add color, movement, and personality to your business. For example, a coffee supplier can post footage of tasting events and customer responses validating your product. Additional footage showing the point of origin of the beans, how they are roasted and brewed adds greater interest and credibility to the product.
  5. We recommend you show your face, use your voice, and be willing to show your personality in your TikTok videos. This adds originality to your business story which resonates in the most truthful, genuine way possible with your future customers.
  6. TikTok gives you the chance to show off your talent through this biggest platform. Show off an important event, like an award being received, a TV interview broadcast, a celebrity or dignitary visiting your store, and other clips that add interest, appeal, and credibility to your product. For example, a bookstore could post a clip of an author reading from her new novel. Remember, you must have signed an authorization to use videos of other people. Always get permission.
  7. Some businesses use TikTok to provide solutions and instructions for customers. For example, post a video demonstrating how to install your product using this 60-sec time limit.
  8. A video can be a great way to address frequently asked questions or help to solve common concerns through videos. It is better to be active and acknowledging any issues by showing your clients how to deal with problems relating to your product or service, rather than abandoning your customers and risking them criticizing your business after the fact, likely online.
  9. You can also use TikTok to offer solutions to people who don’t even know about you and your business.
  10. You can also buy TikTok hearts for your videos to boost them and increases their visibility. Use these tips for increasing the exposure of your business through TikTok videos.